DJ Hindi: What makes Hindi songs good

DJ Hindi: What makes Hindi songs good

Music in India has been around for centuries. It has evolved from ancient ritual songs that date back to the Paleolithic era. Historians have taken into account several cave paintings and figures that were found in Indian heritage sites. These drawings and sculptures showed people dancing and playing with instruments. These discoveries show how ancient the art of music is and how far it has progressed. 

The first signs of instruments and performing arts were recorded from the Vedic and Medieval era. These are the moments in history where music was used for various purposes, namely ancient rituals and simple performances and plays. These instruments were soon used for more milestones, such as celebrating the birth of a new child or performing poetry recitation. Today, music is not only loved in India but all over the world as well. There are songs fit for almost every occasion and every emotion. 

Hindi music is also said to be derived from Persian and Turkic songs, as well as other influences in Central Asia. Several historical accounts state songs to be recorded in early literature. People back in the day would write about their daily lives and talk about the music and singing involved. In a sense, music has been around to accompany humans for a very long time. It has been associated with a person’s daily activities and emotions. 

Indians and even some foreigners love to listen to Hindi songs, this is because the music is diverse and very catchy. They are featured everywhere, in movies, TV shows, and streaming sites. Aside from a lot of options to choose from, Hindi songs tackle almost every emotion and human situation possible. Whether you are feeling sad, happy, in love, or angry, there is most probably a Hindi song to match it. 

DJ Hindi’s website is dedicated to continuing the legacy that is Indian music. Although things have changed and there are more evolved forms of music available, Indians do not forget their history and where they came from. Today, modern music comes in the form of rock, pop, and remix genres. It is widely accepted not just by the locals, but people all over the world as well. 

Types of music in India

  1. Classical Music
    – Indian classical music is one of the oldest and most traditional staples in India. There are two types of classical music, namely Carnatic and Hindustani. Carnatic music is known to be more melodic and based on the song’s composition. On the other hand, Hindustani music originates from the south of India and was originally chanted back in the day. These two different music styles complement each other to make the classical music genre. 
  1. Bollywood Music
    – An extremely popular music genre in India is Bollywood. This is defined by the Bollywood films released every year, and feature soundtracks from various artists. Indian films usually have heavy influences in the song and dance genre, which requires good music to accompany it. Similar to Hollywood and other international movies, the music plays a large role in the success of the movies. After all, what good is a movie when there is no music to set the mood and emotion? 
  1. Folk Music
    – Indian folk music is probably the largest and most extensive genre. It is widely-loved and sung by many artists even today. What sets Indian folk music apart from others is the use of instruments like drums and flutes. These instruments are joined by a lot of dancing and chanting ancient rituals. To this day, Indian folk music is still performed by the locals. There are many instruments, stories, and even sculptures still present to remind the people of their history.
  2. Rock Music
    – Another widely-loved genre is rock music. This form of music arrived when India began receiving influence from the west. In 1960, The Beatles visited India and began influencing the rock genre. From there, Indians became exposed to music from the west and began to learn more about it. International songs made their way into the country through radio stations and television shows such as The Voice America and BBC Music. This paved the way for aspiring musicians in India to hone their talents and create the Indian version of rock music. 
  3. DJ Music
    – Just like the music we offer in the DJ Hindi website, other forms of remixes are very popular in India. This genre is a mix of pop and rock music. Talented artists and DJ’s take existing music and mix them. These remixes are usually played in parties, raves, and nightclubs that have high energy and many visitors. Audiences listen to their favourite DJ’s, waiting for their latest songs and remixes to drop. 

Cultural Importance and Globalization

Hindi music is a staple in everyday life and is loved by most Indians today. Surveys say that almost 20 million people in India listen to music on a daily basis and incorporate them into their activities. Dancing is also another form of art practised by Indians. Whether it is at weddings, parties or get-togethers, there will usually be some form of dancing. People in India love to celebrate, and when they do, music is always involved. Music and dancing has become an important part of their culture and 

In terms of the impact that Hindi music has on the rest of the world, it is safe to say that Hindi music no longer stays confined in India. Hindi music is so extensive that it has influenced many different cultures. The music style and instruments are based on various stories and artists that have made their way from India to the rest of the world. Some of these international influences include music from:

  1. Indonesia
    – The genre of folk music in Indonesia has been influenced by Hindi music. This is characterized by the melodic sounds and rhythms that are used when singing and playing instruments. The beats and drums that are used in Indonesian music are also similar to that of India. The only difference is that music from Indonesia is softer and slower.
  2. Thailand
    – Thai music is influenced by ancient Hindi rituals and stories. These are incorporated into their music, songs, and dances. The famous epic of Ramayana is also well-known by Thai locals. Dances such as the Khon and Lakhon are performed to accompany lively music in ancient performances.
  3. The Philippines
    – Just like other countries in Asia, the Philippines also takes influence from Indian stories and epics. The stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata are used in Filipino epics and chants. A guitar-like instrument called “Kudyapi” is inspired by the Indian classical era.
  4. Africa
    – Bollywood movies and other Hindi films were distributed in many areas of Africa. This was made possible by businessmen from Lebanon who wanted to sell international music and film to a fresh market. India has also influenced African and Nigerian clothing and songs. There are even stickers and merchandise of Indian actors and musicians found in different areas.
  5. North America
    – India started to influence American music and film at the beginning of the 21st century. Some American artists watched Bollywood films and thought that they sounded different and that it could be the next big thing to blow up the charts. Indian music was soon incorporated into American hip-hop, because of the presence of catchy rhythms and funky notes. Artists such as Timbaland, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, and more were involved with such songs.
  6. Latin America
    – In Latin America, India began to influence their music and film industry in the early 2000s. Indian movies began to grow in popularity, and areas like Suriname and Guyana began watching these films frequently. There was even a point where the first Bollywood movie called “Dhoom 2” was shot in Rio de Janeiro back in 2006, breaking the boundaries of typical shooting locations.
  7. West Asia
    – the Indian population has been scattered all over the world. In West Asian countries such as Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, the Indian music scene was able to catch their attention. Indian movies are even subtitled or dubbed in Arabic to cater to their wide audience reach. The influence of this part of the world is thanks to the many Indians who now reside in Arab countries and other areas in West Asia.
  8. Caribbean
    – Areas like Jamaica, Trinidad, and Tobago are heavily influenced by Indian music. Their instruments have Indian features and are used for important events and traditions like festivals, weddings, and more. To this day, India still holds influence over the Caribbean’s musical history. 

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