DJ Hindi: Top Hindi classic songs

DJ Hindi: Top Hindi classic songs

The culture of India has always been rich and historical. Their love for music spans centuries in the making and has transformed into a modern style of upbeat and romantic music. The Indian population listen to music more than any other country in the world. Nearly 1 billion people in India listen to music every day and include it in their daily life. Aside from the usual Bollywood music and upbeat tunes, the people of India also love to listen to remixes. This is where the popularity of DJs comes in the picture. 

Here at DJ Hindi, we provide the best Hindi songs perfect for any music lover. Whether you are looking for romantic songs to set the mood or an upbeat tune to dance to, we have you covered. India is also known for romantic movies and great soundtracks that feature classic music. Take a look at some of the op Hindi classic songs: 

  1. Pyar Hua Ikrar Hua
    Aside from music, Indian people love to watch movies as well. With an audience that loves music so much, these films must have good soundtracks. Pyar Hua Ikrar Hua is a song about unrequited love and how it is not accepted by the other person. This song was featured in the 1955 classic movie Shree 420 and gained a lot of love from Indian viewers. 
  2. Pukarta Chala Hoon Main
    This is another popular Hindi classic song featured in the 1965 film Mere Sanam. This love story among two forbidden people was considered one of the most romantic movies at the time. The song talks about pledging your love for the one who has your heart and features a simple melody that is sure to get film lovers reminiscing about their own partners. 
  3. Wahan Kaun Hai Tera
    This song was a popular classic back in the 60s when the hit movie ‘Guide’ was released in 1965. The story of two people finding an unexpected connection captured the hearts of its viewers. Of course, a great movie must be accompanied by a great soundtrack. The song talks about weary travellers looking for their lost love in the middle of nowhere. 
  4. Aaj Imithan Hai
    Back when technicolour posters were still a thing, the 1979 classic film ‘Suhaag’ features the story of a separated family longing to be reunited again. This action drama film was a success in the box office and was also praised for its good music. The song ‘Aaj Imithan Hai’ tells the story of how the challenges of life can be a test for humanity. Its piercing lyrics and melody helped make the film even more memorable. 

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