DJ Hindi: Best Hindi travel songs

DJ Hindi: Best Hindi travel songs

Indian music and dance have been around for a long time. It has influenced all walks of life, as well as international audiences. Indians are known to be very energetic and passionate when it comes to music and dance. There is a Hindi song for every situation and every emotion, however, most of their songs are in the romance genre. 

Everyone needs a break now and then. Work can get tiring and stressful if you haven’t taken a vacation in a while. This is why experts suggest that it is good to take a break and file a vacation at least twice a year. Indian music is known to be melodious and pleasant to hear, so take a look at these Hindi songs that you can listen to while travelling: 

1. Yahaan (Roadies x1)

– This first song is featured in the Indian movie titled “Roadies X1”. It follows the journey of the human person and talks about the challenges of life. This song is great to listen to when you are travelling. It provides a relaxing yet inspiring ambience. 

2. Safarnama (by Tamasha)

– This song is one of the popular choices in India’s list of travel songs. The music video features a couple travelling across great terrains and having the time of their life. Just like them, you must also find the freedom to have fun and take some time for yourself. Vacationing and taking in new scenery is best for mental and physical health. 

3. Journey Song (Piku) 

– Accurately named, this song is also featured in an Indian TV show called Piku. It talks about the individual journey of a person, and how important it is to stay in this path. Everyone is destined for happiness, and their journeys are all different for a reason. 

Benefits of traveling 

People love to travel to new places whether it is a local or international destination. You might think that you don’t need a vacation, and would rather keep working to earn more money, but that’s not the case. Scientists have proven that travelling can benefit the overall state of both your body and mind. Take a look at the benefits of travelling:

1. Improve communication skills

– If you are travelling to another country, chances are they do not speak the same language as you do. Another benefit of travelling is that it can improve your communication skills. You can learn the basic words and phrases of the country you are visiting. After your trip, you can come home to be a new person with new learnings. 

2. Provide new experiences

– It is true that travelling can help your physical and mental health, but it can also be a learning experience. Going to a different place locally or internationally can teach you about a lot of things. You will learn about different cultures, experience new food and see new places you have never seen before. 

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