DJ Hindi: Best Hindi songs to dance to

DJ Hindi: Best Hindi songs to dance to

The musical top charts in India are a big deal to the locals. They love to listen to music daily whether they are at home, at work, or even travelling. The music industry in India is so popular that almost 20 hours every week is dedicated to listening to the latest tunes. It was even said that India listens to music more than the rest of the world. Take a look at the latest Hindi songs to dance to: 

  1. “Genda Phool” by Badshah, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Payal Dev
    – Bollywood music and Indian pop music is generally steamy and features beautiful women. This 2020 bop is not an exception. The song features 3 lead vocalists who have their own segments in the song. The song is about expressing love and adoration for the person you love. When going out to parties or clubs, this upbeat song is a great way to get people on the dance floor.
  2. “Garmi Song” by Street Dancer 3D and various artists
    – This summer hit features a lot of different Bollywood artists. From rappers to vocalists to dancers, this song has it all. The lyrics of this song sounds like a conversation between a man and a woman. They are both telling each other why they should and should not be together. Garmi Song also features a lot of dance numbers, making it another ideal song to dance to.
  3. “Haan Main Galat” by Arijit Singh and various artists
    – Indian Bollywood music loves to include many artists in one song. This hit was released on Valentine’s Day 2020 and was a hit among the younger generation. The song is about embracing your happiness and accepting that the world is not perfect. Another song filled with energetic dances, this will surely make listeners want to learn the dance moves. 
  4. “Chandigarh Mein” by Kareena, Akshay Kumar, and various artists
    – This party song was created for the Bollywood movie titled “Good Newwz” The lyrics talk about how the feeling of love is overwhelming and takes over your senses. The music video for this song is also very colourful with its party lights and fun outfits. For those who love dancing in clubs with friends, this song is a great choice.
  5. “Jee Karr Daa” by Harrdy Sandhu, Amyra Dastur, and various artists
    – Another one of the hit summer songs this 2020 was released by Harrdy Sandhu along with other great singers. The song is about a man expressing his love for a woman from the moment they first met. Set in a fun, summer location with great outfits and dance moves, the music video for this song will also get you grooving.
  6. “Milegi Milegi” by Mika Singh, Sachin Jigar, and various artists
    – This upbeat song by various Bollywood singers was featured in the horror-comedy movie “Stree”. The music video shows a group of women dancing in front of a royal court. The lyrics are talking about one day meeting the person you love after waiting for so long. The beat is catchy and the music video is also entertaining. If you love dancing to upbeat tunes, this might be the song for you. 

Best DJ’s in India

With a rich culture like India has, they can produce music that their audiences love. The songs are catchy and upbeat, and people love listening to them. Whether the songs are found in movies or danced to in parties, music in India is a way of life. This means that with great music comes great artists. Different singers and musicians have the chance to pursue their careers in the music industry. There are a lot of genres like Pop, slow songs, rock, metal, and rap. 

The people that put all of these music genres together are DJ’s. They take the best music from the top charts and put them together into one track. These mixed tracks are called remixes. Audiences love to listen to remixes because they can listen to many different artists in one song. DJ’s usually pick upbeat and catchy songs with the same chords to put together. 

A popular term for listening to DJ’s and their remixes is waiting for the “beat drop”. This is a moment where a series of notes are rapidly reaching a higher tempo and speed. The audiences then wait for the moment that the notes drop into a bass note. People usually love listening to remixes when they are at parties or social events. Take a look at some of the best DJ’s in India. They are also featured on our website, DJ Hindi. 

The best DJ’s know how to blend music and make them sound good. The purpose of these remixes are to give a new perspective to the original songs. Crowds of people usually come to watch India’s famous DJ’s and have a great time dancing to their music. Take a look at some of the best DJ’s in India. 

  1. DJ Nyk
    – Having a love for music at a very young age, DJ Nyk is known today for his upbeat tunes. Some people say that his EDM remixes will force anyone to tap their toes and move to the dance floor.
  2. DJ Nucleya
    – One of the best DJ’s in India is responsible for getting crowds of people to come and visit his shows. DJ Nucleya mixes traditional Indian music with modern pop to make a great remix. He has also released albums and collaborated with other famous musicians. 
  1. DJ Shaan
    – Another great EDM mixer is DJ Shaan. He was called a child prodigy after debuting his music in one of Asia’s biggest festivals at the age of 15. He has worked with many artists in India and internationally, including Dash Berlin and David Guetta.
  2. DJ Chetas
    – Among music fanatics, DJ Chetas is one of the best. He was named 33rd among the world’s best DJ’s and has a fanbase of over 3 million people in India. He specializes in mashups and producing his own music.
  3. DJ Zaeden
    – This famous DJ was called the “Martin Garrix” of India. He started just making his own music at home and slowly rose to the music scene. Today, he is an incredibly successful DJ and works with DJ’s all over the world to play music.
  4. Lost Stories
    – A duo act composed of good friends Prayag and Rishabh have been working as DJ’s for 7 years. Their mash-ups can make it to the DJ rankings in India and are loved by their fans. They have also worked internationally and continue to pursue their passion for music and EDM. 

What makes Indian music unique? 

Something that makes Indian music different from others is that it breaks all the rules. It has many different genres and does not follow a specific pattern. From the beginning of Hindi musical history, musicians have always made it a point to make their songs different. The music in India typically has no linear harmony. The instruments and voices are all over the place, but it still somehow works. 

In a question listed online by Quora, Indians share that the reason why they listen to music so much is because it is already part of their life. Even though the songs are a mix of traditional, folk, and pop music, they all work together very well. Indians love music so much that they listen to songs while doing daily activities. 

Songs featured in DJ Hindi

We at DJ Hindi pride ourselves in compiling the best DJ music in India and making them available to the public for free download. This includes the best DJ music and remixes available in the Indian market. 

The people of India love to sing, dance, and celebrate. This includes a love for parties and get-togethers with family and friends. Events such as concerts and raves are the best way to get people on their feet and dancing, and the best DJ’s are responsible for this. Take a look at some of the best DJ songs that are available for download in DJ Hindi: 

Kinds of DJ Songs
New DJ’s
Punjabi DJ
Bhojpuri DJ
Marathi DJ
Competition DJ Songs
Dj Remix
Bhakti DJ
Gujarati DJ
Mashup DJ
Desh Bhakti DJ
Dubstep DJ
Popular DJ songs featured in DJ Hindi
Daydreamz by DJ Sasha
Naach Shala by DJ Groove
Likhe Jo Khat Tujhe by DJ SK Production
Muqabla by DJ RawKing
Lehenga by DJ Vaggy and DJ Dione

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