DJ Hindi: Top Lo-fi songs

DJ Hindi: Top Lo-fi songs

One of the things people love to do is escape in the world of music. Listening to good songs has different effects on people, but it mostly provides feelings of content and happiness. Whether you’re working, exercising, or travelling, listening to your favourite tunes can make any situation better. 

There are a lot of music genres out there, and every person has their own set of preferences they like listening to. One of the popular music genres is lo-fi music. Lo-fi, or Low-fidelity music refers to songs or tracks that have a different structure than usual songs and even remixes. 

The notes and bass sounds of a lo-fi song break the barriers of music and can have all sorts of effects. Some of these include hums, distortion, or other sound effects that can be considered wrong in other music genres. 

People enjoy lo-fi songs because it’s unique compared to other music genres. There are lots of artists all over the world who invest their time and efforts in producing this kind of music. If you haven’t heard of it before, now’s your chance! Take a look at some of the top lo-fi songs you can listen to in India: 

  1. ‘Befikar’
    This lo-fi Hindi song was released by artists Advaik and Yagvik. It features calm notes that are perfect for when you want to chill at home or with friends. Although the song only lasts for less than two minutes, you can play it over and over again to hear the unconventional notes and deep bass of the arrangement. 
  2. ‘Pardo’
    This song released by Nishu is one of the popular lo-fi songs that the young generation like to listen to. Aside from the song’s cover artwork being appealing, you can enjoy Nishu’s calm voice accompanied by all the best distorted sound effects. 
  3. ‘Pandemic’
    This lo-fi song by Prabh Deep is possibly aimed towards the current situation of the world with the coronavirus pandemic at large. Since people are encouraged to stay home, it’s probably best to listen to this song by Prabh Deep and keep yourself entertained with the best Hindi lo-fi music at home. 
  4. ‘Main Aur Tum’
    The notes in this song performed by Rono is calming and features those irresistible guitar notes fit for romance movies. While listening to this song, you’ll definitely feel a calming feeling rush over you, lulling you to sleep in the process. 

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